This year the Easter Seminar is a cooperation between SdU (Danish people in Germany), the DJN and jSP (German people in Denmark). Both minorities are celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2020 and look forward to celebrating this with you at the Easter Seminar.

On Danish side of the border, the “Deutsche Jugendverband für Nordschleswig (DJN)” and “Junge SPitzen (jSP) are organizing the seminar.

The DJN is the head of youth organizations and sport clubs of the German minority in Denmark. It is the promoter and initiator of youth work in all areas.

The primary target group of it are the children and young people living in the minority. It also is a bridge between children and young people in “Nordschleswig”, Denmark and Germany.

The “Jugendverband” is a member of various international committees and organizations. It also functions as the provider of the Knivsberg Institution, which offers a wide range of courses to members of the German minority and to the broad population of Germany and Denmark.

The “jungen SPitzen” is a culturally and politically oriented youth organization in Nordschleswig. They were found in May 1998 through an initiative of a group of young people from the region. A general dissatisfaction with the political and cultural offers for young people in Nordschleswig was the motivation for the foundation of the Youth Party. There was no attractive framework conditions that would allow young people to create their own programme was another reason for funding it.

The Association of “Südschleswigschen Jugendvereine (SdU) represents the Danish minority in Germany in the organizing team. SdU is the head of Danish sports and youth clubs. The activities of its member clubs range from E-Sports to popular sports like football. SdU is affiliated with 57 associations, whose membership numbers range from 10 to 10.000 with around 12.000 members. The association itself organizes club activities such as sports competitions and cultural events.

In addition to the organization team, there is strong support from the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN). YEN is the largest network of youth organizations of indigenous national and linguistic minorities in Europe. In keeping with their motto “Living Diversity” YEN represents the interests of young members of national, ethnic and linguistic minorities.

Currently, (as of July 2019) 42 member organizations from 19 countries are represented in YEN. Since its foundation in 1984 on the “Knivsberg” in Nordschleswig (Denmark) YEN has been working for the interests of minorities with a special focus on young people.

Together with its member organisations, YEN strives for a dynamic, multicultural and above all multilingual Europe.

YEN is a youth organization led and managed by young people and is a self-determined and self-organised youth organization whose activities are carried out and determined by young people