In Denmark, we have the Danish krone 1 euro = 7.76 danish crown. At this seminar, it won’t be necessary to have danish crowns as everything can be paid in euros. (The only exception is on arrival if you have not paid for the ticket with a credit card or in advance.)

There is no ATM on or near Knivsberg, please bring cash (euros) from the trip (or at home).


The Knivsberg

The Bildungsstätte Knivsberg is the cultural centre and meeting point of the German minority in Nordschleswig. Seminars on political education, concerts and school trips take place here. Once a year we invite everyone who is interested to celebrate the Knivsbergfest with us.

The 14-hectare site offers space for numerous sporting activities such as soccer, beach volleyball and handball. You can also pitch your tent here or spend a few days in a caravan and enjoy nature. There is more information here:

  • Towels and bedsheets are provided, but there is no hair-dryer, shampoo or soap in the rooms
  • There is no shop close by but the hosts will organize a “bar” for the evenings where you can pay in Euro.


The weather is very unpredictable in the north. We therefore advise you to look at the weather forecast shortly before your arrival. Since there are also many outdoor activities on offer, think of warm and waterproof clothing.

Remember to bring:

  • There will be an exchange market, therefore, we would like to ask you to bring some promo or info material for networking purposes. We are also looking forward to trying some specialities from your region.
  • Comfortable Shoes; clothes for rainy weather; hair dryer if you need it; shampoo, etc….(there is no shop close by)