General information

The Easter Seminar is the biggest event of the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN), where youth and youngster from different minorities from all over Europe meet to discuss youth minority issues.

This Easter Seminar, the participants will meet in Apenrade/Aabenraa, Denmark, in the youth education centre Knivsberg. The seminar will be marked on one hand by the 100th anniversary of the demarcation of the border between Denmark and Germany and the peaceful cooperation between the two states and their minorities. On the other hand, it is also the second seminar from the YEN in 2020. Therefore it builds on the lessons and insights on human rights learned from the Kick-Off Seminar and focusses on the topic of nationalism and populism.

In spirit of a good neighborhood, the Orga-Team is made up of the North and South Schleswigern.  From the Danish side of the border the german minority youth organizations “Deutscher Jugendverband für Nordschleswig (DJN)” and “junge SPitzen (jSP)” are part of the Orga-Team. From the German side the Danish minority youth organisation „Sydslesvigsk danske ungdomsforeninger (SDU)“ is part of the team.

Participants profile

You are a young member of a minority between aged 16 and 30 and involved in your minority youth organization? Then sign up for the YEN Easter Seminar in Denmark!

Please notice that we can accept two to three participants from each member organization however there will be a waiting list to fill up open seats out of it after the registration deadline. So if you are interested in more, get in contact with the YEN-office (unter

Arrival & Departure:

Arrival Day: 3rd of April

Departure Day: 9th of April (for those who do not participate in the YEN General Assembly); 10th of April for those participating in the YEN General Assembly,

Travel reimbursement

Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to a maximum amount. This involves a signed “expense claim”. Only if original tickets will be presented and sent to the YEN office and participants provide all needed justificatory documents of travel and expenses (invoices, boarding passes, train or bus tickets…) the reimbursement will be considered. Please notice, taxi costs cannot be reimbursed! We will reimburse your travel costs only if you stay no longer than two days before or after the seminar.

Selected participants will be provided further details.

Participation fee

The participation fee is 100 € for Western European participants and 70 € for Eastern European participants. It covers food and accommodation for the entire seminar, as well as excursions and required materials during the event.

If you have to cancel your participation 2 weeks prior to the event and there will be no replacement, we will have to ask you for the participation fee.

Social fund

If you need support to pay either your travel costs or participation fee, contact the office to ask for more information and/or apply for financial support get in contact with the YEN-Office (

General Assembly

The general assembly takes place on 9th of April. The participants that are neither member nor partner of YEN are welcomed to depart at the 09.04. Everyone else is invited to participate in the GA and depart at the 10.04.

During the General Assembly, the representatives of the YEN member organizations decide on the future YEN seminars and other events. They also decide on YENs finances and resolutions. Additionally new board members as well as members of the three YEN working groups will be elected.We are looking forward to all who are interested in getting involved with YEN and want to join the board or the working groups. For more Information please contact the YEN-President Giuanna Beeli (

Additional activities


There will be an exchange market therefore we would like to ask you to bring some promo or info material for networking purposes. We are also looking forward to try some specialities from your region.

We are also planning some trips and excursions. For example the „LIET International“ (European song contest for minorities). That will take place in Aabenraa on the 3. and 4. of April. To explore the region, history and culture of the borderland there is planned an excursion day.