Arrival Day: 3rd of April

Departure Day:

9th of April (for those who do not participate in the YEN General Assembly); 10th of April for those participating in the YEN General Assembly

There are 3 ways to reach Knivsberg if you are travelling by plane or train. Once from the airport in Hamburg, Billund or Copenhagen/København. The end station should always be Rødekro. From here it goes with minibuses to the Knivsberg.


If you fly to Billund by plane, be aware that the last connection is around 11 p.m. If you come later for any reason, let us know. There are several ways to get to Knivsberg / Rødekro. We recommend using the page, this is available in both German and English.


There is a train stop at the airport. Tickets for the trains can be bought in the DSB´ Ticket office or in the ticket machine or directly on the Internet ( Here you can either come to Copenhagen or directly to Rødekro.

A train goes directly to Rødekro every two hours. There is a train to Copenhagen every 8-12 minutes. Otherwise, there are other connections where you should either change in Copenhagen Main station or in Fredericia.

When you arrive in Rødekro, there will be shuttle buses that go to Knivsberg. The journey time is approximately 3 hours by train from Copenhagen to Rødekro, and 15 minutes from Rødekro to Knivsberg.


When you have arrived at the airport in Hamburg, take the S-Bahn S1 to the main train station. From here a train goes to Flensburg. Departures every hour at _.43. To buy the tickets please go to

You will be picked up in minibuses from the train station in Flensburg. The travel time from the airport to Flensburg takes about 2 hours. The journey time from here is about 1 hour.